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Are greenhouse gas emissions-reducing in the United Kingdom?

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One of the major issues to be tackled by environmental pollution control is the greenhouse gas emission or carbon emission problem. A survey by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy presents the issues.

The greenhouse gas emission and carbon dioxide emission in the UK shows a drop in a large way and every year. The survey result is from 2019.

Reduction of greenhouse gas emission in the UK.

The reduction of greenhouse gas emission in the UK over the 10 period of timeline shows a positive growth. The control in the emission problem identifies the measures are working. The implementation of such technique in future will improve the environmental issues. The decline is in small proportion.

reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in united kingdom

The result is prominent enough for the decline of greenhouse gases emission. But, shows the current improvement in the situation. In dealing with CO2 emission and storing the carbon emission.

The battle with the emission in the United Kingdom seems to be resulting positive. And, it is declining with every year and days to come. The sectors for the greenhouse gas emissions in the United Kingdom in 2019 are,

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In my opinion, the emissions show and clearly indicate the sectors. The responsibility for such emissions should be minimized. The responsibilities should define the needed solutions for such scenarios.

The survey shows the sectors related to the emission problem. The sectors identified are Energy supply, Business, Transport, Public, Residential, Agriculture, Industrial processes, LULUCF, and waste management.

Source:- Statista.

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