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What are Science based initiatives in achieving climate goals?

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In order to align business climate objectives with the results of climate science, the non-profit effort Science Supported by the United Nations (UN) Based Targets (SBTi) by CDP, UN Global Compact, World Resources Institute, and WWF was created.

“It is a question of defining scientifically well-founded targets for saving emissions related to the scenarios, Criteria, and recommendations for limiting global warming to 1.5°C are compatible.”

More than 1,000 businesses have partnered with the campaign since 2015. They are backed by techniques tailored to the sector, a free calculator, a guidebook, and technical assistance. Adapt your CO2 reduction goals to the latest climate knowledge.

The Net-Zero Standard is the first science-based certification of a company’s Net zero aims in accordance with the Paris target Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5°C, and it was launched by SBTi on October 28, 2021.

“Joining the Science Based TargetsInitiative is currently only open to companies. Companies of different sizes and from all sectors can join the SBTi, and companies from particularly high-emission sectors are particularly encouraged.” Allianz

“However, the reduction target methods can also be applied by NGOs, research institutions, public sector companies, and even private individuals. In addition, non-governmental organizations and cities can get involved in the SBT Network and thus support companies in defining and fulfilling SBTs, express interest in SBTs themselves and formulate their own climate targets and SBTs.” Allianz

Source: SBTi

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