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What do male and female leaders think about Sustainability?

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The thoughts shared by the male leaders about Sustainability:

Thiago Correa, Managing Partner, Performics, Zenith, “It’s not only consumers but also investors looking at a company’s sustainability efforts. It’s worth bearing in mind that this scrutiny and emphasis will be exacerbated as the effects of climate change become even more visible, and the younger generations become the majority of consumers.”

Benjamin Allison, VP Global Media, Vayner Media, “The importance of sustainability varies depending on the target market and industry. Sadly, there is still a lot of consumer confusion around what commitments and practices are actually sustainable. That being said, we see this continuing to gain momentum. There will be additional scrutiny and pressure for brands from the perspective of regulation, consumer consciousness, and spending.”

Zaryn Sindhu, VP of Paid Social Activation, Brainlabs, “Consumers have grown less patient with actions that are not aligned to clear track history, and so losing credibility on sustainability can have very negative consequences for the brand and business. Have a track history of committing to sustainability. Focus on building programs and having results first- and invest more efforts into the programs than into the publicity of the programs.”

The thoughts shared by the female leaders:

Sarah Mahoney, EVP, Healthcare Communications, Weber Shandwick, “Inform, don’t promote.”

“Agencies can help explain the why- not just the business-as-usual Environmental Social Governance (ESG) considerations, but ensuring that communication acknowledges the role companies play in the topic and validates that climate change is an urgent issue.”

Stacey Stewart, Chief Marketplace officer, UM Worldwide, “Sustainability needs to start at the core. Brands can’t just sponsor Earth Day and say they support sustainability. It needs to start with the company, its core values, and even infrastructure, packaging, and production. Without getting the core right you will fail and lack the authenticity that consumers demand.”

Clare Chapman, CEO, Carat UK, “Our data shows that sustainability is gradually becoming a more important factor for people when determining who to buy from, especially amongst younger audiences. Demonstrating sustainable business practices is a vital concern for the long-term health of brands. However, the cost-of-living crisis will impact more people in the short term, and brands should focus on how to support those who are struggling while keeping ‘bigger picture’ sustainability programs running in the background. They can foreground them again when people have more  scope to appreciate the efforts.”

It is interesting to observe the female counterpart. The male equally acknowledges the essential role of sustainability in the workplace. The need to be aware of “sustainability” and the importance it plays in the market as well as in the industry It is just not limited to the local regions but is globally spread out.

It shows the importance of global attention!

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