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What environmental concern is present in Mexico?

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As per earth.org, Mexico ranked 49th in the Global Sustainability Index in environmental sustainability.  The current policymakers are somehow more in favor of fossil fuel utilization than renewable energy resources.

The country is focused on the carbon emission market, reduction of the emission by 50% below by 2050 but can be seen not fulfilled due to lack of inefficient current policies.

The ranking of Mexico in sustainable policy is 94th, climate change is 32nd, oceans 122nd, Biodiversity is 56th and Energy is 12th.

In a survey conducted by eCGlobal Solutions,  the conscious consumption behavior of Latin American are shown in 2017:-

Sustainability concerns in Latin America

The purpose is to transform your workplace and the questions companies need to answer? The example of sustainability is widespread and also why sustainability is important for an eco-friendly environment.

Eco-friendly label awareness in Latin America (2017),

Sustainability eco-friendly awareness in Latin america

The environmental concern in Mexico in 2019,

Sustainability environmental concerns in Mexico

It is alarming though in Mexico that people are less worried about plastic waste. They are not bothered or even they are aware but not interested to take any concrete measure to avoid such disaster in the present moment.

Even though a survey conducted in Latin America shows that more than 90% of the people feel companies should be responsible for environmentally friendly action. More than 80% of the Latin American people feel the responsibility towards existing damaging products in the Latin American market.

More than 50% opt for recycling, 100% Organic and Eco-friendly products but somehow Mexico cannot be seen falling under such activities and due to the current scenario it may take a longer time to tackle the emission problems.

Source:- Statista

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