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What are the 5 facts for sustainability at KUKA?

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“Sustainability means responsible corporate action towards the environment, our employees, our customers, investors, and our social environment.

The goal is the continuous and sustainable further development of the company in view of dynamic changes in the economy, environment, and society.” KUKA

The published article by Teresa Fischer in KUKA details the 5 important facts about KUKA’s role in Sustainability.

  1. Society engagement

         KUKA is well engaged with its society in form of charitable causes such as donations with offerings to children, young people, and families. The company is well connected with charitable institutions such as Orange  Care e.V. or the KUKACARES Foundation.

The KUKACARES foundation was established by  KUKA systems North America and KUKA U.S. Holdings Company with eight of their other suppliers. The Foundation is also improved in promoting innovations and bringing robotics and other automation closers to the public.

KUKA also offers an annual innovation award of €20,000 for the creative talent in the robotics community.

Source: KUKA

During the European Robot week, KUKA experts are also involved with children or interested members in the public group for discussing current topics in Automation.

  • Working towards more energy efficient and resource-conserving with KUKA products

Significantly less energy is consumed by the KUKA robots than by previous generations. After complete usage, KUKA robots are completely recyclable. Modern solutions such as digital twins and virtual commissioning operate for more efficient energy and resource-saving policies.

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Source: KUKA

Due to the travel restrictions in corona pandemic situations, the remote operation was possible with Swisslog. It was possible due to the use of state-of-the-art technologies.

  • The working world of the future

KUKA robots make dangerous, unergonomic, and monotonous tasks into safer and easier work for its workers and its customers. KUKA’s medical robots support surgeons in high precision operations and perform gentle procedures.

  • Environment saviour in the company

The company is involved in reusable packaging and deposit systems. The company also installed e-charging stations for employees to charge their vehicles free of charge with regional green electricity. Using district heating to reduce the CO2 emissions and successively increase the proportion of hybrid and electric vehicles in the company fleet.

In Dortmund, the new building is certified with a Gold Certificate by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

  • Forward-thinking

“The idea is to look optimistically ahead to the opportunities for KUKA,” Kerstin Heinrich, Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Social Responsibility, tells us. “The goal is a comprehensive sustainability program, with concrete goals and measures for the most important topics, defined by KUKA employees.”

Source: KUKA

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