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How can you sustainably clean energy financing?

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As per NRDC (2016), green banks and green bonds are considered to have the potential for cleaning energy finance. Green banks help to improve conditions in credits for projects related to clean energy, small projects can be aggregated so that a commercially attractive scale can be reached, innovative financial products can be created, and the market can be expanding through information about clean energy benefits that can be disseminated.

Green bonds supporters provide long-term benefits and are believed to capitalize on the price reasonably to refinance a project that has passed through the phase of construction and successfully operating.

As per IEA (2018b), in 2017, the global investment as a combined efficiency in renewables and energy is expected to decline by 3% with a risk predicted to grow slow further down by the year.

Thereby, chances of green energy being threatened in terms of energy security, climate, and clean-air goals can lead to a drop of 7% in investment in renewable power which is almost two-thirds of any power generation.

Source:- Handbook of Green finance by Jeffrey D. Sachs.

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