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Which are the top sustainability start-ups in India?

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According to EMSNow, the global market size for sustainability and green technology is expected to reach USD44.4 billion by 2028 based on the market reach value of USD 10.9 Billion in 2021.

The market is forecasted to grow by 26.4% of CAGR. The Asia Pacific is speculated to dominate the Green technology and Sustainability market. However, the market is not free of its restraints such as high cost of product, awareness, or the needed concept.

Let’s have a look into the Top Sustainability Startups in India with an aim for sustainable environmental decisions with a green future:

  • Phool.co It is founded in 2017 by engineering graduates Ankit Agarwal and Prateek Kumar. It is India’s first biomaterial startup and fragrance-based wellness brand based in Kanpur. The startup collects waste floral from temples dumped waste in the river, patented organic fertilizer, and charcoal-free luxury incense products. It is a flower recycling technology startup. It raised an $8 million fund in series A from Sixth Sense Ventures. They also invented Fleather- ‘leather made from flowers’.
  • Banyan NationIt is founded by Mani Vajipeyajula and Rajkiran Madangopal. It is based in Hyderabad. It is India’s first plastic recycling company based on the vertically integrated business model. It is a waste management company to collect plastic waste from industries and recycles it back to society for further needed use. The company produces premium-quality polyolefin plastics in the mainstream with high-quality applications.
  • ZunRoof The founders are Pranesh Chaudhary and Sushant Sachan. It is one of the leading residential solar energy rooftop installers. It is based in Gurgaon. They cater services in residential rooftops in urban areas, solar products in rural areas, and ZunPulse in smart home solutions. ZunRoof raised $3 million from the Godrej family fund in Series A funding. The company is using IoT technologies in the solar installations market. Around 1.3 GW of rooftop solar has been added in the first 9 months of 2021.
  • TakacharThe founders are Vidyut Mohan and Kevin Kung. It is a Delhi-based startup that uses machines to convert agricultural biomass wastes into a useable product for markets such as fuel, and fertilizers. The company also expanded its offering to Africa.
  • Waste Ventures IndiaIt is a Telangana-based startup. They are working on solid waste management. The company achieved a reduction of waste by 90% with a green footprint in return. A scientific, free-from-infested flies and odorless procedure are designed by the R&D team to handle the organic waste. The company also provides digital doorstep recyclable pickup services in Hyderabad.
  • Nexus PowerThe founders are the twin sisters, Nikita and Nishita Baliarsingh. It is based in Bhubaneshwar 2019. The startup manufacturers rechargeable, bio-organic, and bio-degradable batteries for electric vehicles. The raw material is free of lithium-ion and utilizes crop residues. Hence massive farm waste can be managed effectively. The battery also charges 8 to 10 times faster and longevity is 20-30% longer than its counterparts.

Source: Mint, Change started, investindia

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