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Are UTZ-certified products in demand?

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The UTZ-certified products mean more sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers, their families, and our planet. The purchasing of products with a UTZ label is meant to build a better future.

In 2015, UTZ-certified cocoa produced 918 thousand metric tons. In 2016, a sharp rise in the demand, 1,188 thousand metric tons of cocoa were produced. In 2017, more than 1400 thousand metric tons got produced.

Africa produced the most UTZ-certified cocoa products in 2017, recorded as 1,224.47 thousand metric tons. Next is Latin America with 163.56 thousand metric tons. And the last is Asia with 61.86 thousand metric tons.

The globally UTZ-certified coffee production showed ups and downs. The demand was not as steady as the cocoa production. In 2016, 870.1 thousand metric tons of UTZ-certified coffee were produced. In 2017, 857.8 thousand metric tons. In 2018, more than 1100.83 thousand metric tons of UTZ-certified coffee got produced. Latin America is the highest with 610 thousand metric tons, Asia with 200 thousand metric tons, and Africa with 47.62 metric tons in 2017.

In 2015, 86.29 thousand metric tons of global UTZ-certified tea were produced. In 2016, 119.64 and 2017, 119.88 thousand metric tons of tea were produced. As, seen the demand is not steady every year, but in alternative years, the demand for UTZ-certified tea is increasing also.

In 2017, Africa is the first region with maximum Global UTZ-certified tea production (59.47 thousand metric tons), Asia is the second region (58.87 thousand metric tons) and Latin America is the third (1.55 thousand metric tons).

Well. No doubt Africa is the prime region for UTZ-certified products. An important ingredient for chocolates. Even UTZ- certified Tea products.

The demand for the products is there in the market. Even with ups and downs in alternative. The demand or the need to use such products is increasing. As a result of good economical export of products from regions like Africa, it can be a steady way of developing the financial situation.

The products are in demand across the world. Once the outreach and the benefits or the importance of the UTZ-certified products can be well advertised. The product can become a solid foundation of the economical situation for the African nation.

Source:- Statista (Sustainable Food Industry)

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