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Who are the top 10 leading AI companies?

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The race in the AI innovation market cannot be underestimated. The market is being captured by the well-known establishment to have a better productivity ratio as compare to its competitor and also holds the upper hands.

The AI market has its positive aspects but also holds its cons of being termed as a superior intelligence holding the power to control and lead the death of humankind. Human evolution is also spreading but also with AI evolution.

  1. Amazon with a key area in Text-to-speech, computer vision, deep learning, and NLP. The revenue generates is $177.9 bn.
  2. Apple with a key area in machine learning and the revenue generated is $265.6 bn.
  3. Baidu with a key area in machine learning and robotics and generating revenue of $13 bn.
  4. eBay with a key area in predictive analytics, cloud-based AI, big data. $9.6bn revenue is generated.
  5. Facebook’s key areas are language technology, machine learning, and computer vision. $40.6 bn of revenue being generated.
  6. Google’s key areas machine learning, deep learning, and the automotive industry with $110.9bn revenue generated.
  7. IBM’s key areas are machine learning and cognitive architectures resulted in $79.1bn revenue.
  8. Microsoft with $110.4 bn revenue and the key areas are machine vision, machine learning, and healthcare.
  9. Salesforce with $10.5 bn revenue and the key areas are Machine learning and analytics.
  10. Uber with $7.5 bn revenue with a key area in voice and image recognition, machine learning, and the automotive industry.

In my opinion, high tech evolution is also to deal with a huge amount of wealth. The monetary advantage a company can generate in terms of billions of dollars cannot be avoided.

Amazon is owned by one of the richest persons holds enough monetary support for any AI evolution and also be in the journey of AI. However, the terms and laws how much is in effect to protect the employees from being suffocated by such advanced technology and losing the basic pay scale is another major issue.

The right to explore your human conviction in the paradigm of scientific evolution is something an inbuilt pride among each inventor but how well the boundaries are set so that it does not get overlapped with time by both sides.

It is amazing to be an observer, discover, or explorer but do we humans need to be trained within certain boundaries to later being exploited in an unhealthy circumstance.

Source:- Statista. Annual reports and corporate newsletters of the following companies.

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