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Can India be the next backbone for AI to 20,000 enterprises?

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According to NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, “India has an incredible opportunity to help the enterprises of the world apply artificial intelligence (AI)”. 

Today the country can cater to the AI demand for 200,000 enterprises globally as it did 25 years ago as a backroom for ERP systems.

A Bain & Company report says “that India is the third largest contributor to global Artificial Intelligence (AI) talent. The country is responsible for 16 percent of global AI talent”.

“The talent equation in India in terms of quantity will only get better, but a clear distinction will emerge between the data engineers, data scientists, and product managers. Cloud platforms and providers with better quality data scientists and product managers will be better placed to lead in the market”, stated the report.

Huang believes that the last 10 years have seen AI mainly benefiting the world’s internet companies. “The reason for that is because computer science was still being developed. But now, we have so many different AI algorithms and so many different domains of AI that we can readily apply to help the world’s enterprises. And I see very few countries to be at the core of the world’s enterprise than India”, explained the NVIDIA CEO.

He affirmed his confidence in the leadership of companies like Infosys and Wipro and TCS to deliver on the promise of AI.

“So, I think that this next phase is really, really exciting for India”, he added.

As per the NASSCOM report, data and AI could add USD 450-500 billion to India’s GDP by 2025.  

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