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Can AI change our working world?

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Despite heavy machine learning programming and current trends involving Artificial Intelligent applications. AI cannot work on something else other than the predetermined path programmed for them. The activity of the robot has been programmed by an AI expert for one production line but is not capable of working in another. Such AIs are called as weak by the Scientist and not a strong one.

It is still a quest for the programmer in Artificial Intelligence where it can remotely simulate the intellectual abilities of humans. A strong Artificial Intelligence can think logically, make decisions like a normal human being where they can weigh between two equally bad alternatives. A new field of knowledge has to be opened up in a planned way and need to learn systematically. More or less, the ideas need to be formulated independently in a natural language to classify all its competencies into a value system where the higher or distant goal can be subordinated.

So, if we would like to say that AI should be in its control for its behavior and decisions as per the ethical, moral, and social categories. In other words, all the dynamics despite its technological development in digital transformation will not be possible to foresee the future without human factors.

Source:- https://www.ke-next.de/


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