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Which companies are using AI robot technology?

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In the US, the 7 main companies in AI robot technology:-

  1. Boston Dynamics- The company was founded in 1992. The company is a research spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The company got owned by the Hyundai Motor Group in December 2000. The company is known for dynamic highly-mobile robots such as BigDog, Spot, Atlas, and Handle.
  2. Canvas Technology – The company is focused on providing end-to-end autonomous delivery of goods. The company uses “spatial AI” technology to enable mobile robots to navigate safely in a dynamic environment. It uses SLAM software to enable AMRs without needing any prior map. The company got acquired by Amazon.
  3. DroneSense- The company is focused on public safety, government, and critical infrastructure organizations to manage life-saving programs. An intuitive flying pilot used as a live video streamer and collaborating for remote stakeholders.
  4. iRobot- The corporation designs consumer robots. It was founded in 1990 by three members from MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Lab. The revenue generated in 2019 is recorded as  121.4 crores USD. The products from iRobot are Roomba robot vacuums & Braava mopping robots.
  5. Miso Robotics- The company focuses on using robots to make restaurants safer to use by the staff members. The projects like Burg-Flipping Robot,  CookRight, and Sippy are some of the powerful robotics in the AI market. The investments are minimum at only $1,493.
  6. Neurala – The company is focused on manufacturers to enhance the vision inspection process. The AI-powered visual quality inspection enhances the capabilities of machine vision to detect anomalies and product variations.
  7. Rethink Robotics- The robotics company was co-founded by Rodney Brooks and Ann Whittaker in 2008. It is owned by the HAHN Group. The robot aims to create low-cost robots. Some small cost projects are Robot Baxter, Sawyer, and Cobot. The right to sell 100 Baxter robots in North America was brought by Hunan CoThink Robotics Technology Company.

So, the diversified ways of using AI in Robotic technology are mesmerizing. The companies are spread out and helping to solve issues that might look small to us. But when we see the help or the work by a Robot arm. It is just miraculous.

In my opinion, the help in the restaurant areas is no doubt an innovative service for a big mass. Working with hot oil and in a heated environment, is a remarkable way of using AI Robot services.

Source:- AI companies in the US

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