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What are the leading obstacles to the mass adoption of Augmented reality technologies?

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Even though professionals from various industries and industry leaders are interested to integrate AR technology. However, mass adoption is not so easy as we say or we see it through. The platform is completely different and the operation is something beyond anyone’s thought.

As per a survey conducted by Perkins Coie, the following leading obstacles created the major problem in the adoption of Augmented reality technologies: –

Obstacles to mass adoption of AR technologies.

As it can be seen, the top three obstacles identified something to do with lack of clarity with the technology among the users. Technical glitches or bulky hardware are something users won’t invest much in.

As the technology is moving towards more compact and lightweight objects, things need to be more user-friendly. The lack of quality content or available content is also a major hindrance, enabling the consumer or business people to be reluctant to embrace AR/VR technology.

The reluctant attitude may be due to a lack of knowledge or awareness leading to hinder the mass adoption of new technology.

However, it is true, with new technology, nobody accepts a change or new concept so easily. But if the new tech concepts survive the scrutiny and obstacles on the road to implement new technology, it creates a booming market or industries with new growth and a high number of opportunities.

What do you think? What are your opinions? Do you agree about the obstacles or just an inner challenge that needs to be addressed among them? Do you think the industry can face so many obstacles to adopt the augmented reality technologies?

Source:- Statista

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