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Examples of big data intelligence barrier of human’s natural limitations?

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Even though there is a fear among the general audience and people that AI will replace most of the work or mundane qualities but with time it has been realized that robots can be used in places where the working environment is dangerous.

Productivity can be achieved by reducing people’s lives at risk and thereby the worth of the human being can be increased.

  • Robots have been used successfully in welding and painting on factory floors.
  • Crowded hotel lobbies can be navigated by making custom-ordered hamburgers.
  • Room service delivery is possible with elevators hopping.
  • In our daily lives, robots have been introduced by Amazon where the automatic payment has been enabled with clerk-free markets via credit card and Kiva merchandise handling systems or drone delivery.
  • Exploration has been enabled where the depths of the ocean floor have been probed.
  • Deep space, moon, and asteroids explorations are done so that crucial jobs can be performed during humanitarian crises.
  • Saving lives, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Robotics Challenge developing robots to combat events like Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.
  • Hazardous deep mining jobs are performed by other robots where toxic substances and cleaning sewers are involved.
  • The popular imagination, option for aerial photography, and Amazon have been captured by Amazon.
  • Space ready robots are working side-by-side in the International Space Station (ISS) with astronauts from the US and Russia where teams are working to explore other planets.
  • Trustworthy butlers are designed with an electronic brain located in the cloud.
  • Traffic queries can listen silently and faithfully with regard to weather.
  • Next-generation robots are capable of deciding up to 24 trillion operations per second which is equivalent to MacBook Pro Notebook.
  • Real-time optimization can be used to enable the car to learn drive by itself.
  • X-ray films and MRI scans that are already performed by computers can help in discovering new medicines where AI can help to dispense financial advice.

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