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Is Camera Monitoring System a dominant player in an Automotive industry?

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As new technologies are getting complete devotions from various research centers to develop and produce different systems and spare parts, so that they can be implemented as a support system for Autonomous driving systems, exterior mirrors are also getting replaced by CMS — camera monitoring systems.

A standard rear-view exterior mirror gets replaced by combining a monitor with a camera to provide an expected rear-view to the driver. The efficiency is quantifying increased and the style to additional safety is improved by using Driver Assistance Systems.

The main aim is to design the camera specifically for automotive applications. It has been designed as per ISO 16505. The features include automatic image panning, depth perception has been over layered, image quality is outstanding, additional safety with ADAS functionality.

For industrial purpose vehicles, CMS as a solution has been offered by FICOSA (Spanish multinational cooperation). The problem of blind spot areas can be dealt with by CMS in industrial vehicles and buses. The driver’s direct vision as per the side, front, and rear vision system are available. It helps to detect the blindspot system, assisting in Lane change and warning system for involuntary lane departure.

As we know, changing lane sometimes creates unwanted fatal collisions and accidents. CMS has been provided support via lane changing assistance to avoid collisions for the drivers. The application helps the driver to change the lane before, during, or after driving. Information for recognizing changing the lanes is provided.

Through HMI (Human Machine Interface), information about any potential collisions is warned to the drivers. The development is not just focused only on passenger vehicles but LCV and HCV including Trucks are benefiting from the suggested results.

As per a report published by visiongain in Feb 2019, the market is worth $2,287 million. The interest is shown by major Automotive OEM players to know the driver state which includes recognizing the fatigues, cognitive load, personalization, and monitoring health. It is a domain with promising opportunities and technologies in DMS space across the region which includes America, Asia, Oceania, Europe, and MEA.

Source:- Commercial Vehicle Technology by Karsten Berns and et al.


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