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Can AI control the future of the machine?

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Predictive analytics tools, one of the most advanced AI tools with a promising reward in analyzing the current data i.e. making the big data into smart data, and accurately predicting future events, have the possibility of controlling the future?

The main aim of every machine or industry is to perfect their machines with minimized errors and failures, and thus AI comes into the picture, providing a solution to avoid any failure or errors in time.

Thereby, a standardized framework is needed for all industries and application areas for an intelligent solution that can be implemented because of large amounts of data collected by AI for future prediction. In a shorter period, a large amount of data can be analyzed and evaluated faster than before.

In today’s industry, trends have become a major de facto to gather a deeper insight and so the companies can use them to full potential via predictive analytics. Real-time data can be read by companies for taking strategic actions with a calculative effort to make the production flexible. Thus, controlling the future.

Source:- Industry-of-things

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