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Can technology help us learn a new foreign language?

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As we are in the technology era, 21st century with innovations from the various segments and in various industries. How far technology has been used in learning languages?

Today the world is becoming smaller and smaller through the internet, low-cost budget flights, or hyper loops but how can it be useful in learning a language?

As we are growing up and day by day world is progressing, we can see that learning multiple languages has become an asset. You never know, when and where it can be useful but it has been effective. Speaking, writing, and hearing, the three important areas in any language department is the most essential thing to know.

So, technology, yes there are lots of apps where you can remember tons and tons of new words. Apps for correcting your grammar. YouTube channel, in order to hear Foreign languages or watch videos.

But in my opinion, I feel that Netflix is playing a major role in using different languages and providing it at your doorstep. The audio and also the subtitles not only help you to improve your subtitle but also shows how effectively it’s being used. The benefit to mankind and also to the language learner is where they can truly see how it’s being used and how the conversation goes fluently between families or in any kind of drama.

I hope more languages are incorporated and keep the momentum inflow.

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