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What challenges the municipal communities to become a key player in digitalization?

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Every area of life and business is covered by digitalization. It is considered the task of the politicians to create a suitable framework conditions to sustain in the world.  Due to the liberalization, the energy industry is considered to be in a difficult economic situation in the competitive world.

Municipal companies need the energy market to take them as equal to the private investors but additional regulations create trouble with such activity.

Even though private companies are playing a key role in the energy world, they are still lacking the right kind of innovation. The market is volatile. The financial crisis also plays a big role where now and then the companies face ups and downs.

Thereby municipal companies can provide a role in the short innovation cycles where they can try out by themselves.

SINTEG Programme can be considered a good example. This, in turn, enables standards that can be derived quickly which helps in scaling business models and solutions across Germany. This shows a picture of the municipal economy playing a significant role in driving the digitalized market in a healthy way.

The municipal economy contributes a significant role in the digital networking of rural areas and thereby fulfilling the function of providing services that are of general interest.

The transparency of new technology provides the awareness of the fact who can have the access to our data. The data provides the knowledge about the consumption of electricity, gas, and heat at any time but it also provides an insight into people’s lives and their usage thereby the municipal communities have to give the guarantee for proper usage of data and assurance of safeguarding the data.

In the course of digitalization, the development of the new business field is becoming more important which provides an opportunity for the municipal utilities to sharpen their profile in order to enhance the focus of the business in the near future. It also clarifies that digitalization is a process of change that is actively understood and controlled.

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