Why Cobots are beneficial to MSMEs?

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In India, Industry 4.0 implementation led to a proven track record in SMEs and MSMEs with regional and national level initiatives.

Cobots are an integral part of the Industry 4.0 concept. Do you think Cobots can be beneficial in the MSMEs industry?

  • A robot’s initial cost is much higher than a cobot where a Cobot is available from 15 lakh, but the price for a robot is much higher in the case of MSMEs.
  • The operating cost of a cobot is also comparatively lower with less programming and training support.
  • Multiple uses of cobot in many applications with small programming changes.
  • An operator doesn’t need any prior programming experience to handle a cobot.
  • Cobot programming is much easier than the robot that can be done by an operator himself.
  • IoT and existing computers can easily be integrated with the Cobots.
  • Complicated tasks can be performed easily with a Cobot.
  • A cobot can be moved 360 degrees of freedom and can be easily deployed in the shop floor layout.
  • In the post-pandemic era, the migrant shortage led to the increased use of Cobots which made many challenges less easy.
  • A consistent ROI has been proven by the cobot for less than a year.
  • A productive improvement of 15% to 60%  was introduced by industries across the sector in the manufacturing process.

In many ways, cobots are cost-effective not just for the expenses but also in terms of labor. They are proving their worth with huge ROI and as well as ease of work.

Source:- Industrial Automation Magazine

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