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Which Fintech companies in the USA are scoring high?

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The top list of the Fintech companies in the USA:-

  • Clyde

Location: New York. It was founded in 2017. The estimated annual revenue is currently $6.4M per year.

A technology company transforming retailers offering product protection. Also letting the customers know how to take ownership of their loved products. The company is targeting startup as well as enterprise retailers.

The benefit of such protection helps retailers to increase revenue, program maintenance costs are reduced, and drive customer loyalty.

The list of competitors and their generated revenue:-

Competitors Generated Revenue
YieldStreet $16.5M per year
Noble Markets Not known
New York Shipping Exchange Not known
Crux Informatics $9.4M per year
PEX $10.4M
ConsenSys $68.5M
Virtu Financial $100.6M
Koyfin $4.2M
LiquidX $5.9M
Ujo Not known
  • Digit

Location: San Francisco, California. It was founded in 2013. The revenue estimated annually is $15.3M per year.

The company works on automating money management daily. The company is working with machine learning and behavioral psychology to provide financial assistant to the customer for a solid foundation about their finances.

The list of competitors are:-

Competitors Generated Revenue
Emailage $7.5M
SRS Acquiom $20.3M
Wunder Capital $6.1M
P2Binvestor $0.7M
PromoTech $11.3M
Lucid $60.7M
Retail Success $5.9M
Dwolla $14.3M
Atlas Quantum $2.5M
Marlette Funding $32.2M
  • Flywire

Location: The company is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The estimated revenue of the company is $65.4M per year.

The focus of the company is to solve complex payment problems by empowering opportunities globally and locally. The company is more secure, the cost is balanced, and with transparency, the involved transactions are made faster with billing, payment, and receiving solutions.

The list of competitors are:-

Competitors Generated revenue
Invoiced $1.7M
E2b teknologies $6.8M
Ontario Systems $84.4M
VersaPay Corporation $16.2M
ezyCollect $6.4M
HighRadius $388.2M
CSG International  $725M
OnPay Solutions $6.5M
Simplement $3.2M
Centreviews $1.5M
Vanguard System $4.2M
Octacom Limited $4.4M
DAKCS Software $6.2M
Arvato $1292.1M
Apruve $3.2M
collectAI $13.4M
Chaser $5.1M
DataServ $16.7M
Dunforce $2.6M
SoftCo $19.7M
  • IHS Markit Digital

Location: It is located in London, UK. The estimated revenue of the company is $1.181 billion per year.

The company provides an investment analysis tool to deal with complex financial information with SaaS-based market data. It helps customers for easy access and understands the financial complexity.

The list of competitors:-

Competitors Generated Revenue
AnalytixLabs Gurgaon $4.3M
Yelp for Business $257.19M
G2 Deals $11.1M since 2014
Voices $10M since 2014
3Di $10M
Tracxn $373.299M
Jibunu $6M
CornerThought $5M
Clickworker $22.5M
MarketsandMarkets $256.167

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