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What is fleet management systems?

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It is a very well-known concept in the market where the current status is sent by the vehicles to the main server, wherein in advance, the fleet coordinator knows when maintenance is required for a machine and when needs to be fuelled. The main issue is in rural areas where the mobile network connection is not always available also during any sort of natural disaster or calamity, broadband connections face the major problem.

The problem was provided with a solution by Trimble for developing agricultural applications Vehicle Sync to allow vehicle communication without an infrastructure with the mobile network.

But the line of sight is required for a system between vehicles and it supports only 300 m of maximum distance. So far, the human operators are just supported by all systems, and fully autonomous solutions are not provided yet.

Autonomous Solutions Inc. for autonomous vehicles is developed by the MOBIUS system which provides fleet management system by functionality. The communication between the vehicles and planning of path is provided for several machines by this system which is possible only with a fast-mobile phone network connection with a bandwidth that is high.

HAMM AG developed an HCQ navigator that provides a communication system for roller interconnection and street construction documentation. Data as stiffness, time constraints, and volume which are built-in asphalt are wirelessly transmitted to the main computer between rollers where information can be transmitted to a cloud server via LTE.

Autonomous vehicle cooperation enabled by the 5G approach is presented by a framework, 5GenCIV. For autonomous navigation, storage and decision levels are suggested and collaborate which are onboard, fog and cloud. The distribution of the task depends on complexity, real-time constraints, and tolerance for latency.

Source:- Commercial Vehicle Technology by Karsten Berns et. al.

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