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How AI is playing a role in policing in Brazil?

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The new rule in AI games is about Fairness and ethics. Is it possible to categorize AI depending on ethics and the rules for judicial sentences and policies? In the US, such system received a huge critical attention for being bias and unfair.

One of the reasons stated that technologies like these are not accurate with the possibility of affecting mostly African Americans. The social impact of such technologies is raising a serious red flag towards such policing and sentencing.

In January 2019, a bill was introduced by the ultraconservative Social Liberal Party. Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian President permitted the facial recognition technology to be integrated into the security cameras in public spaces for policing purposes. The technology showed support by government delegation as they visited China in the same month to buy facial recognition technology.

In my opinion, the observation of various technologies in different countries needs to be monitored about the consequences and how it is impacting society but before judging the technology, the reasons also need to be weighed.

In the US, the culture of a different color is very prominent that can lead to the misuse of facial recognition technology but in emerging countries, if the culture of a different race is not so prominent then blacking out a powerful technology that got a helping aid in solving crimes can be seen as a work of ignorance.

Also, the scenarios or situation develops consequences leading to the bad judgment of such AI technology.

Source:-  Global AI Ethics: A Review

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