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How AI will impact the labour market?

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Well, we want it or not, but the reality about the jobs will always be there and so does the case with AI and Robots. What do you think about how the expansion and amplification of AI and robotics are going to impact?

As per a study conducted by the European Economic and Social Committee, economic impact by the digitalization on labor markets or displacing and transforming jobs by either elimination or creation of jobs.

The solution provided to handle the crisis is by identifying the sector affected by the AI mostly. And on what timescale so that solutions can be properly addressed to handle the employment impact, nature of the works, or inequality in the social systems.

Another way is to make more investment in sectors where AI got little or no impact and also working with organizations on complementary AI systems to co-create the workplace.

The problem is the fascination with AI and technology with just one touch that can make the daily work easy and automated is just something beyond comprehensible.

In my opinion, there are sectors like law, economics, financial sector, and even trade fairs that are never going to be affected or touched by such advancement in the field, how much ever it may sound boring in front of AI, replacement by AI is not possible but sectors like e-commerce market or automation industries are some areas that may be replaced heavily by such advanced technology like AI.

Source:- Future of AI

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