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How European Union is participating in artificial intelligence?

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In 2018, the European Commission measured a series for designing the artificial intelligence for European citizens as a service and boost Europe’s competitiveness in the area of AI where investment in public and private will be increased by the Commission to deliver the training which is necessary for a socio-economic change by ensuring ethical and legal framework appropriately.

A European approach has been devised by European leaders in the response to the call for initiative for artificial intelligence where it has speculated that how the steam engine or electric current has transformed our past, artificial intelligence holds the same power to transform the world we are living in.

But the monetary challenge will always be there handled by providing more incentives to researchers or scholars to invest in ideas related to the next generation of artificial intelligence technologies or applications using business to adopt and integrate the work.

European Commission

Researchers, laboratories, and world-class start-ups are available in Europe in the artificial intelligence field where the European Union is heavily developing the robotics sectors for transport, healthcare, or manufacturing fields to be a world-class sector where adopting artificial intelligence is seen as the competitiveness.

The financial support or recourse to artificial intelligence has been given more weightage in public and private sectors in the EU to deal with the fierce international competition where several tens of billions of EUR has been considered to be invested by the end of 2020.

The public-private partnership programs in innovation and research have been focused on several billion Euros to represent funding in big data and robotics areas. The development of artificial intelligence in key sectors will be supported from transport to health to allow the networking and strengthening of research centers across the whole of Europe.

In my opinion, the funds will be playing a crucial role in the start-up scenario for strategic investments in a different sector. The international competition cannot be neglected but collaborations can play a major role to get the advantage over any kind of inter-regional competition or even inter-continent.

The collaborations can be in the form of developers and suppliers or using AI in risky areas or zones where it is harmful to human health conditions or dangerous to their life. The partnership can be between the raw material supplier and developers or traders.

Till now AI has been used more in factory automation to maker the work faster but if AI can be implemented in zones which are hazardous to human health to collect any information or data, can provide more humanitarian benefits and solution to work in hand with humans rather becoming a replacement in jobs.

Source:- Artificial Intelligence in Romania and the European Union by Ramona Marge and Stefan Iovan.

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