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How far the AI market is?

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Drones, one of the powerful applications for self-driving cars have the capacity to scan surroundings with accuracy which is more than 10 times per second. It has the capability of making trillions of calculations per second which can help other cars to communicate with each other to receive traffic updates on an hourly basis.

Even though navigation tools or Google Maps helps us to provide a more optimized path with proper information related to traffic conditions. But an automated system needs a powerful ally that can generate information per second to predict obstacles by sensing their environment and an optimal path can be computed.

As per Um, 2019, human life is viewed as a cost function for its calculation by artificial intelligence but to present a living form as a value, seems to be difficult to present.

The onboard artificial intelligence is sophisticated and the assessment of the collateral damage and how its impact will be with a potential collision is difficult to calculate. As per a study conducted by Elliott, Keen, & Miao (2019), if the rate of car accidents is significantly proven lower than any human driver, autonomous vehicles will be broadly welcomed to carry human passengers in a long-term prospect.

Even the industries are merging in a different sector where companies like Airbus is taking initiative in Autonomous air taxi as reported by Sun, Wandel, & stump (2018).

But recently, one of the well-known companies Uber faced safety issues where an autonomous car accident resulted in killing pedestrians in Arizona. As we go through the safety and failures, it also raised a concern that whether autonomous drones and cars should be granted an equal right in civil airspace and on-road?

Robotic workers should be granted an equal similar privilege at work to protect against discrimination? Well, they are designed to speed up the work and be competitive in the world but are they also need to be observed that they don’t become an object of discrimination or misuse? (Van den Hoven van Genderen, 2019).

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