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How intelligent machines should be treated?

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Treating with respect, with integrity, and fighting against sexual abuse, becoming some moral concern in today’s society. So how should an intelligent machine be treated?

As per a study by Cho, Kim, Kim, Park & Kim (2016), a robot that resembled a dog was tested by Boston Dynamics by kicking it which ultimately generated a huge rage and criticism against the company.

It was only possible when it happened on a public platform but what about such a test being carried out in closed laboratories whereas in another instance people have been kicking the company’s machines which are oriented with drone delivery services in 2018.

As per Welch 2018, an intelligence tool was demonstrated by Google where the chatting over the phone was so natural with people that it was an awe moment with criticism that is, they cross an ethical line. But where the ethical line should be drawn?

If we talk about painting, artists are trying to achieve realism through their painting so isn’t it for a scientist to launch its best product in the market and show that what can be achieved.

Even though it’s a debatable topic, specialists and experts need to be educated with ethics and the creation should be done with caution which meets the standards clearly with the industry, and accountability should be emphasized.

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