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How mobile charging containers are used?

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A fleet of shuttle which is 90 percent electrified is provided by Audi in Davos as they being the mobility partner of the World Economic Forum. Green electricity is used with vehicles for charging at a developed mobile charging container. The e-Tron batteries are used for building up the mobile charging containers.

Around 100 electrified models from Audi are supplied with green electricity such as e-Tron or plug-in hybrids by mobile charging containers.

The method used is stated as:-

“Four used Audi e-Tron battery systems are installed in each of the three charging containers, which deliver their total charging capacity of around 700 kW to three charging points with 150 kW each and have a storage capacity of around 1.0 MWh.”

ABB is also in cooperation with the car manufacturer where the local grid load is also reduced to a minimum with peak demand periods. The contribution of the electricity is totally from local hydropower. Additionally, the plan also is to extend such a project where individual battery modules are used in place of an entire e-Tron battery. A new charging container at Hahnenkamm Race in Kitzbühel is used to build up its first charging container.

As the design has been kept in mind to be space-optimized, the containers are directly integrated with charging points.400 reused e-Tron battery modules are placed in each charging container which is equivalent to eleven complete batteries.

1.2 MW is the total charging capacity with a storage capacity of 1.0 MWh which is up to eight Audi e-Tron where high-power chargers can be charged simultaneously.

On the 30-foot container, a total of 20 charging point is distributed among eight High Power chargers with a charging capacity of 150 KW and 12 11KW charging connections. The technology is also supported by an Austrian company known as Moon.

In my opinion, it is a strong message from the companies that shows how supportive they are for reusing the electrical battery in an optimized way and provide solutions to save the environment. Also, the charging containers show how space can be intelligently optimized, and simultaneously high power charge is possible.

Source:- Electromobiltiy

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