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How Sweden searches for a sustainable corporation?

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As the target of every sustainable corporation has been fixed to achieve its Sustainable development goals. So how do the normal citizen can find out information about which corporation is acting on which SDG and what kind of sustainable information can be found out from Sweden’s sustainable corporation?

A survey on which UN SDG is important to Swedish people shows that 46% of the people considered Fighting climate change is important followed by clean water and sanitation. Whereas only 1% agreed on Implementation and global partnership for sustainable development and good education for everyone.

Now, if they have to look for which sustainable corporations are following such goals, what methods do they use,

How Sweden search for Sustainable corporations?

In my opinion, google search has been the easiest answer for anybody across the world. It is a helpful guide.

But the problem is with its dependency and quicker way to find out the answer. Nobody thought of checking books or visiting public libraries. Check the UN website that are they maintaining some kind of database related to the corporations following UN goals and available to the public domain so that they can get a quick glance.

It is important that the theme is taken seriously but how far are we and how seriously the effectiveness of such implementation has been monitored and being updated.

The trends show the latest need to fulfill the gaps that have been generated while jumping from one generation to the next. It helps in creating the road map for proper guidance.

Source:- Statista

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