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How the journey of AI is predicted in Europe by 2030?

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The AI journey started in Europe during 1965-85, the period for technologies, and the revolutionary help for daily habits. But, little did anybody realized that such efforts will become a battle or competitive field to new eras that were only idealized and dreamed of. The Artificial Intelligence period over the timeline has been categorized and subcategorized into different branches and fields.

In the United Kingdom, Artificial Intelligence research started very early. The first Machine Intelligence workshops were manifested by an early AI research community in Edinburg during 1965 and 1971. In Germany, in 1971 at the University of Hamburg, AI research was established by Bernd Neumann and Walther von Hahn.

In France, in 1970, a research group for Artificial Intelligence was started by Jacques Pitrat in Paris. In Italy, in 1971, at the Polytechnic Institute of Milano, Marco Somalvico founded “Progetto di Intelligenza Artificiale e Robotica”. In Sweden, in 1969, an AI research group was established at Uppsala university by Erik Sandewall.

However, in 2020, the prediction of Artificial Intelligence related to labour productivity and the effect of Jobs risk in 2030 are analysed. As with ease in communication and markets being evolving over the time, skill set is also changing and so does the flow of money. The power in controlling the intelligence embedded in a technology can be seen navigating in a different direction.

AI Journey: Job risk by 2030.
AI Journey: GDP per Job impacted
The economic impact of AI Journey in Europe
Impact in Jobs by AI journey in 2030.

In my opinion, it is an amazement to observe how the interest in technology by the man became hurdles in the human labour and the downfall in the risk of losing the jobs.

An idea supported by various experts and researcher led to the pioneer development and providing the comfort in our day-to-day activity, somehow got related to the human labour Jobs and risking it to become a superior replacement for more productivity in less time, long hour of work without breaks and a powerful ally in a vastly competitive world.

Source:- PwC Analysis and Global Trade Analysis Programme,

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