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What are the characteristics in digital transformation technology?

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As we can see through the patterns in the industry, disruption has become a strength in today’s world to make your point stronger. Digital transformation is being considered a disruptive force.

Some well-known transformation technology includes digital end-to-end processes, Data analytics, business processes being automated.

The three main characteristics of digital transformation are :-

  1. Customer plays a major role in digital transformation- Customer is the focus, if the customer is changing then the industry too. So we can say that the invisible hand by the customers plays a significant role. In any sort of transformation, efficiency, optimization, and performance increase played a huge role. Smartphone can be considered as one of the digital medium where it played a major role in changing customer behavior and pattern. This results in the customer journey in setting the direction where the products, service offerings, and services are aligned. This digital world has also challenged the Leaders in their respective fields in order to change their mindset and keeping pace with the dynamics of the digital world. Thereby leading us to the conclusion, that how the raw digital customer data plays a significant role in the disruption of the core of digital transformation where new business models, value chains, growth areas and service offerings are created.
  2. Digital transformation renewed the entire business model- Automation and digital end-to-end process are an important level for productivity increase, profitability and efficiency. Digitalization is a tool for customer-oriented and very competitive. The main aim is to develop the framework within the digital transformation framework which provides the range of services that can be offered to business area, from processes and structures in order to control the business culture. Target efficiency and restructuring the tasks provides growth and innovation to the projects. Reduction in costs in addition to investments. Implementing digital process which are new in business management and automation.
  3. An open-ended and long term process in Digital transformation– It has been able to open a path for renewing the entrepreneurial ship. The door has been opened for results which is helping the management to present communication with new challenges. Industry standards, best practice methods or the KPIs has been replaced with the new digitalization. But any new disruption cannot create a new business model overnight. The fruit of the new era to be seen needs patience. Time and effort put in a rightful direction with a longer vision can only create a successful result. The planning process is always important and will always remain the goals.

Source:- Herausforderung Disruption: Konsequenzen und Erfolgsfaktoren für die Kommunikation by Dirk Barghop, Egbert Deekeling und Dieter Schweer


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