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What Intelligent technologies have been used in Ford?

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Some important technology has been used in Ford are:-

Intelligent technology

As per the vehicle speed, the light patterns are automatically changed by the nine headlamps. The wide angles are supported at a higher speed with a large illumination to generate a significantly wider field of vision at a lower speed. 

Intelligent speed limiter

An extension from the manual speed limiter that works in conjunction with the Traffic Sign Recognition System (TSR) so that the maximum vehicle speed limit can be set and the current speed limit can be adjusted accordingly. Until and unless the driver decides to lift, the speed limit cannot be exceeded.

In the case of Ford MONDEO, the system can be completely switched off either by the driver or put it in standby mode thereby storing the last value of the speed limit. On one hand, by pressing the accelerator pedal temporarily it can also exceed the system where the accelerator pedal must be pressed above a certain threshold. If there is a drop in the speed below the value set again or the driver presses the “Resume” button where the system is reactivated by itself again.

Intelligent Safety System IPS 

A range of sophisticated safety technology is used to keep the passenger safe that includes front, side, head, and shoulder airbags. The knee airbag is usually a standard for the driver. 

An intelligent cruise control system, adaptive, with traffic sign recognition

The driver is allowed by innovative technology to select the desired cruising speed and maintain a constant speed. A distance to vehicles in front is maintained by the system where the driver has selected previously. An intelligent Cruise Control system is in addition where the data is processed from the traffic sign recognition system where the maximum speed is automatically adapted by accelerating and braking independently. The drivers are especially supported on frequently changing road sections.

Ford EcoBoost

One of the important petrol engine features for 1.0 l EcoBoost is Intelligent Cylinder Control. Direct fuel injection, turbocharging and variable valve timing helps Ford EcoBoost petrol engines to deliver power and torque levels that can match those engines that are large.

The electronics can switch off one cylinder if full power is not needed. Engine power demand increases again with the third firing chamber with resuming operation within just 14 milliseconds that is equivalent to 20 times the speed of an eye to blink. These processes for an occupant can take place practically imperceptibly. All gasoline engines are in addition equipped with a gasoline particulate filter. Fuel consumption/ CO2 emissions combined for all models listed here: 4.6-4.5l/100Km/ 106-103g/km.

Source:- Ford.de

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