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Why Lincode AI?

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Lincode is an Artificial Intelligence and industrial IoT company focused on increasing the quality delivery of manufacturing companies. The company uses powerful technologies for Industry 4.0 to help improve manufacturing efficiency, and production capacity to meet the desired ROI.

The company was founded in 2017 and is based in Menlo Park, California. The company specializes in AI/ML, Industry 4.0, and Smart factories.

A unique computer vision-based solution to detect QA issues at a higher rate of accuracy and lower costs than major competitors.

The company incorporates AI for detecting manufacturing defects of less than 2 microns at 120 FPS. The company includes ML to predict machine downtime. Using AI and ML predicting future product defects. Lincode provides the solution with essential camera equipment in an open environment. It is enabled within a single month.

Lincode Visual Inspection System

The complex visual inspection problems are detected by LIVIS at a higher accuracy rate and lower costs, enabling manufacturers to produce more effectively at scale. In three steps- Capture, Annotate, and Deploy, LIVIS enables customers to create their own custom visual inspection systems. LIVIS is a camera agnostic and inspects with off-the-shelf 2D cameras, webcams, mobile, drones, and headgear cameras.

The key impacts are-

  • Lower TCO.
  • Reduces labor cost.
  • Eliminate fines and penalties.
  • Increases production.
  • Faster Go Live.

Electric vehicle

Lincode’s industry-leading, AI-powered products help electric vehicle manufacturers to adhere to the highest inspection standards. It ensures part performance, maximizes throughput, and reduces potential recalls across every production stage.

The Lincode Visual Inspection system is a cutting-edge technology to leverage AI and computer vision to inspect materials for quality, consistency, and detection. It identifies and classifies components during the production process.


LIVIS provides full traceability from a QA perspective to the OEM for each incoming material/child product from their suppliers, with real-time insights on the supplier quality metrics.

Check out the live-action by the Lincode AI technology, held @AutomationExpo2022, Mumbai,

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