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What is networked drive train?

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The Intelligent clutch can be easily and flexibly integrated into the drive train. The installation options are not restricted by a permanent cable connection. It is used in confined spaces or in mobile applications that are made possible by a power supply via an integrated rechargeable battery.

The measurement data can be sent to a smartphone or tablet almost in real-time with the R+W Antriebselemente App via Bluetooth low energy connection. Optionally with a high transmission rate of 500 Hz or with particularly low power consumption. On the mobile device, the software displays the data as an average value and with min/max memory in large, freely configurable views.

Various scalable diagram types are tracking the detailed course of the measured variables. In the multi-graph, for example, any number of measured variables can be displayed one above the other. In the app, measured data from several couplings can also be displayed simultaneously and clearly in one diagram. For further analysis purposes, the measurement data can be saved as a CSV file and imported into Excel on a computer.

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