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Orbital Automation Private Limited

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Orbital Automation Private Limited was established in 1985. It is headquartered in Mumbai. The competencies are in Mechanics, Electronics, Software, Robotics, Vision, and Special Purpose Machines.

The company products are – Riveting Machines, Cam indexing Drive/Indexing tables, Clinching machines, Safety Light Curtains, Special Purpose Machines, Screw tightening Machines, and Industrial Sensors.

Orbital forming is a noiseless, non-impact process of cold forming-replacing traditional riveting, staking, crimping, pressing, welding, and other fastening operations.

It is a robust and precise process, orbital forming can be used to crown, flare, roll, curl, seal and crimp material.

The machine is mostly used in a range of jobs from freely swiveling joints to clamped, torque-resisting joints.

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