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What is the root-cause about the concern with ultra-intelligence?

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As we talk about more and more intelligence, super-intelligence, hyper-intelligence, and ultra-intelligence. It generates fear and social anxiety. The fear is not just among the people who are just observers. But the anxiety is also created among the people who are working with such activity.

The fear gets developed among the people who got such super-power thinking to use their imagination and go beyond the external peripheral limits.
But why?

Why do we fear things which are not known to us? How is it possible that people with less knowledge can trigger some mindsets towards technology as a threat? How people may get misdirected in a direction to take the wrong action and use the blessing in terms of threats?

Phobia about any uncertainty.

As we can see with our predecessors, and our ancestors, we learn through our history, their technology was incomprehensible. We still don’t know a lot about what technology they were completely relying on and how much advance our society and civilization can be?

Intelligence is a tool that is properly adapted and molded with a code of ethics that can result in the blessing which can lead to new opportunities. New future, new scope rather than being stagnant in the same area. It can also lead you to create an ecosystem where people with the same mindset come together with each other to work profoundly and combat any uncertainty.

As we can observe, generation by generation, it is helping us to narrow down our reach, and improvement in technology is bridging the gaps. Providing support and nurturing the environment to live healthily and sustainably.

Society is getting shaped, reshaped, and modeled with the help of ultra-intelligence, making the unknown more reachable and not letting it just be forbidden fruit.

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