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How smart tags can be used in vehicle recognition?

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One of the important thoughts which were implemented in the framework of Industry 4.0 was to eliminate the papers in the production site. One of the plants known as Aksaray is in the process of experimenting with smart tags which can replace the paper loss in their production stage in order to carry the stability of the process to a higher level.

The SmartTags are used for feeding the data. The data is then fed into the frame of the respective vehicle which is attached magnetically.

Attached SmartTags then start sending locating signal which is installed permanently and station-spanning hotspots. The processed data which is related to the Ward by the data management center are displayed directly on tablets.

The stability process is increased by the realization that certain critical volumes can be enhanced visually. Since the data which is displayed is held always in the station, quite specifically the information can be controlled.

Source:- Industry 4.0 Digitalisierung – mehr als nur eine Mode ! by Prof. Dr. Frank Lehmann.

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