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What are Spherical and Pivot bearings in Robot joints?

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Robots are made mobile with Spherical bearings. The load-carrying capacity, dynamics, and precision count is carried out in this place. Robot bearings are offered by Schaeffler for all six axes where designers are looking for the right solution.

In the race for an efficient automation solution, industrial robots are establishing themselves for a wide range of tasks that can be handled and processed. Factors that have been contributed not only include the increasing number of units, associated falling acquisition costs, and also technological advances in terms of stiffness and possible loads.

Pivot bearing for articulated arm robot

The entire weight and the greatest tilting moments are absorbed by the lower pivot-bearing axes 1and 2 of a robot. The tilting moments in the bearing make it more difficult than it is multiplied up to the Tool center point (TCP). The highly rigid double row INA axial angular contact ball bearings ZKLDF are offered by the Schaeffler that are meant in the machine tool sector. In the adjacent construction, the solid bearing rings are bolted.

A considerable proportion of the robot arm is supported by Axes 3 and 4 even though the installation space in the joint is restricted already. Therefore, high load capacity and rigid small bearing with cross-section are required. INA crossed roller bearings of the series XSU are usually optimized by Schaeffler engineers for increasing the customer requirements in this area. A high degree of filling with cylindrical rollers is ensured with higher rigidity.

In an O arrangement, double row bearing arrangements offer great potential for bearing arrangements that are rigid as this support spacing with small axial mounting space largely. SGL series with FAG angular contact roller bearings also got very high rigid roller contact. The combination of both axles 5 and 6 are particularly recommended by the Schaeffler with a small articulated arm diameter. In the available space between the robot gearbox and housing, SGL bearings are integrated for flexibility due to small cross-section and narrow diameter graduation.

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