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How Stela is different from other mid-sized companies?

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Stela Laxhuber is a Bavarian-based family business. It is now managed by the third generation by Thomas Laxhuber. Stefan Laxhuber founded a small garage workshop in 1922 in the Massing center.

It provided services needed in the locksmith’s trade such as cooking pots mending, water pump repairing, or mousetraps. Due to the water and electricity supply situation to the surrounding farm being poor, Stefan focused on building wind wells.

It was just the beginning of the journey for Stela today what they are. In 1967, the first dryer was produced and it was established globally to be an active industrial company in drying plant construction.

The worldwide customers and purchasers are from the agricultural industry, wood materials processing, the food, fooder, cellulose material, and paper industries as well as the water management sector.

Stela is one of the successful examples from KUKA in welding robots. The model bought from KUKA doesn’t need any sort of programming but can be monitored by a specialist.

Thomas Laxhuber, the grandson of the company founder, is satisfied: “We need the machine to even manage production.”

“We hadn’t invested in a targeted manner enough,” CEO Peter Mohnen told Handelsblatt. KUKA was struggling to find the right products for their new customer, which he named an innovation crisis.

During the pandemic, KUKA launched a total of 25 new products and variants for mid-sized companies and not just in the automotive industry.

“Now we want to be number two in the medium term and world market leader in the long term.”

A good example is Stela Laxhuber where the new robots are over the welding of the fan wheels in drying systems. It is mainly for the food and paper industries.

“The work has to be done very precisely, but it’s monotonous; a bad combination,” says Laxhuber.

Due to the lack of qualified professionals, the robot can replace the workload by finishing the job in 50 minutes.

Source:- Handelsblatt

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