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Which Tech Giants are heavily investing in AI?

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So which Tech Giants are making news? The partnerships on AI or on funding research activities.

  1. Apple and Sony (the Japanese company) are heavily invested in AI (Artificial Intelligence). Another investment made by Apple in 2016, was buying company, Turi. The company is developing and producing machine learning to detect fraud attempts.
  2. Robert Bosch GmbH has been involved in AI (Artificial Intelligence) centers with funds of 300 million Euros. In 2022, the sales for the products of AI are expected to grow by 10%.
  3. Continental AG is involved in AI to equip circuit boards and control units. The project is involved in equipping the vehicles to adapt to the driver’s driving style.
  4. In Silicon Valley, an AI department was established by the Daimler Group.
  5. Facebook is also involved in donating high-performance computers to European Universities for AI Research.
  6. Tesla was involved in the development of the Autopilot as an AI project.
  7. In 2016, one of the major investments by Google in the AI sector was seen by buying the French company Mood Stocks. The company was involved to recognize objects with smartphone technology.
  8. Siemens AG is involved in an AI project- neural networks. The company employed 200 experts.
  9. Toyota is investing $1 billion in the establishment of the AI corporate center. Toyota is also in collaboration with Stanford University and MIT with $50 million to accelerate AI.
  10. Another major partnership for the importance and AI impact can be seen between Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft. The partnership was launched as the “Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society” launch. It is also aiming to advise on ethical issues and improve the human life quality.
  11. In Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Cyber Valley is becoming the next center for artificial intelligence. The center is focusing on the automotive industry and also other major foundations.

So, what do you think is going to be a major profitable investment for you? Are we rapidly progressing towards AI?

In my thoughts, the companies are vigorously exploiting the AI field with a large number of investments. The partnerships, collaboration, or even acquiring the companies shows a valuable path for various tech giants to venture into different segments of AI.

The collaboration between big brains from well-established tech players can result in a good demonstration of team works with good efforts. The knowledge and partnerships are well circulated among the tech companies.

Source:- Furbach U (2016) Schmuddelkind ade. Forschung & Lehre.

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