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Is UK interested in paid digital news content?

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The digital world is an amazing platform for connection across the world. Or summarizing the world news in just 1 minute. It is shared by one platform with millions of customers. It shows where technology helped us to be and where we can be. Digital news is not just the present but also the future.

However, what do you think about the paid news content services? If we check any YouTube news videos? or any commercial news videos? Advertisement is the best way for the targeted audience to get paid.

Or make commercialize and monetize the income channel. But the news contents which are readable, what do you think? Are they paid enough for their services?

How many people are comfortable subscribing to the paid content? Or use the paid digital news services? Are you willing enough to share your bank details to access digital news content?

Is it worth it or just a status? or lavish way of showing the people that you are also a part of the digitalized community? If I am able to read a newspaper daily. Should I go for a digitalized paid news content?

How secure are the services as the world is changing? And globally scrutinized over the misuse of account details by some third-party services in the form of hacking? Even digital paid services are easy to be affordable. No need of worrying about paper misuse or carrying an additional newspaper.

With just a click and swipe you can go to the next page. But for the book readers, are you ready to switch? And jump to a digitalized version of reading news rather than having the feeling of holding the newspaper in your hand?

As per a survey by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism; YouGov, over the years, only 6% to 9% of the UK people were ready to read the digital news online. In 2019, around 9% used the paid online news services. Whereas the number dropped next year to 7%.

The different segment of editorial content such as News, E-papers/e-Magazines and long reads was seen as various content type to be used by the consumers.

Around 66% of the UK people use News as the paid online editorial content. The most paid content topic in the editorial segment is international news with 68%, domestic news (61%), and Financial News (36%).

In the survey by Statista Global Consumer Survey, the e-online newspapers being used mostly in the last 1 year is: –

The most used digital news in the United Kingdom.

In my opinion, oftentimes technology attracts a massive number of readers. Who is reluctant to go? And buy a newspaper but find it easy to just swipe through its new smartphone or tablet.

The devices definitely created a craze. The market boom of such smartphones or tablets. The e-readers were also high and so does the e-reading technology.

Having a smartphone definitely creates a need among the users. To use every possible app or application among the consumer for proper navigation of the e-paper.

Or the e-magazine. Oftentimes, you may end up having a topic to converse with each other. Or a conversational topic among the customers.

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