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What is the situation of Industrial Robots?

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As the world is in the competition stage with the new era of robotic sagas, the major view is about the turnover. How much turnover or profit has been generated from such Industrial Robots?

The decline of birth rate, not able to find the right skills or the right trainee is something being a problem in the world game leading to the world of Industrial robots where with minimum human intervention.

Work can be done at a maximum level with high quality and the production is also increased at a faster speed.

As per a survey conducted by Tractica, the turnover of industrial robots predicted by 2025, can be seen at a high rise. It shows a sign that the turnover is increasing steadily with smaller increments.

Predicted turnover for industrial robots

The survey result also showed that two industrial sectors, Automobile Industry and Electric Industry are the two major sectors with predicted higher turnover in 2025 across the world.

Predicted turnover for industrial robots in 2025

In my opinion, how fast the world is changing and growing cannot be underestimated. Even though in the pandemic era, industrial robots can be helpful with little to a minimum set of groups of people who are working remotely and navigating the solution.

However, how fast industrialization is turning into a passion of creating robots with different functions is definitely an eye to catch but will it turn us and lead into a dark age where the hand-crafted skills will lose their mark or become expensive to hold onto.

Source:- Tractica

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