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Why Mehta India’s solution?

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Mehta India is pioneered for the last 30 years with Mehta Cad Cam Systems Pvt.Ltd in CO2 laser, Fiber Laser, CNC Router & Digital Printing Technology. The company is located in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India.

The company was founded in 1989.

The company is well advanced in technologies such as Laser, CNC, and Digital Printers. The company is involved in various industries such as Sign Industry, Engineering Industry, Textile Industry, Jewelry Industry, Leather Industry, Label industry, Wood industry, Gift, Glass, and Packaging industry as well as Laminate manufacturer.

The company is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of fiber laser metal cutting machines with the Gloria series available from 1KW to 30KW.

The services include Cognitive Automation, Cognitive Engagement, Automatic Optimization, Security & Surveillance, and software engineers.

The company became the distributor for Rotring and Staedtler (Germany) in drawing instruments & Pen Plotter Accessories from 1989-1992.

The company introduced a Taiwan-based GCC Flatbed Type of A1 size Pen Plotter in India in 1992-1993. They also introduced GCC (Taiwan) Drum type A0 size pen Pen Plotter in 1994-1995.

To know more, you can read here about the company’s milestones. The company is also involved with integrated robotics solutions in laser cutting, laser, and MIG welding applications.

Check out the latest demo of Goria EX-1530 at an event held in Delhi,

Fiber laser marking machine with applications such as Auto Parts, Hardware, Watch & Clock, Marking anodize & painted material, serial numbers, manufacturers information, barcodes, logos, packaging, the solar industry, medical device, marking metal & Plastics, Data Codes, Materials Flow, 2D Data Matrix and Graphics.

The remarkable features are:-

The first and last pulses are equally useable, high speed marking (MHZ repetition rate), and Long using time: the average using time is more than 100000 hours with good stability and free maintenance.

Another remarkable example from the Gloria series.

As you can see, machines are safe to handle and within a maintained distance. There is no problem caused to the operator or the visitors.

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