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Why Microsoft chatbots became a threat?

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AI, which is termed as a benefit to human society with more advantages to provide to the human world but do they have the capability to become an enemy to the existence of the society. Well, we have seen a lot of Hollywood movies being taken under the wing of autonomous robots or AI, but do they really have that potentiality?

Moral ethics and value which are a big question in today’s world, do question about the importance of automated assistance, let’s say chatbots.

As per Perez (2016), ethnic slurs were taught to Microsoft Chatbots by users. A big issue with AI is if they, can power up a deadly weapon then what will happen?

Lethal weapons are capable of zeroing on targets faster with more accuracy and great autonomy and if the technologies are taught with ethics and human values, to what extent they will be selected is not known. Can they be taught human compassion during any sort of war?

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