Sustainable emotions

As we are heading towards sustainable goals to promote equality and save the planet. We are ending up blaming each other that because of this kind of consumption and usage, we are on the edge of the end. We end up in doubts, trying to manipulate, trying to destroy and harm each other, but are we not good enough to enjoy the present moment we have with each other.

Isn’t it the nature of the universe, that what we have today, is going to burn out tomorrow. What we give birth today, is going to die tomorrow.
After reading about endless war, crimes on each other. Didn’t we learn from our history that we are the creator of our own paint and death?

Our tragedy towards the hands of the people whom we thought are going to protect us in some way. Why are we so scared to be vulnerable?
Vulnerability is a part of human emotion that shows what we are facing or going through is a true feeling, quite often felt by someone else too.


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