Sustainable boundary

As we are talking about sustainability and a lot of SDGs goals, why not think about the corporate world or the engineering world that can be made into a better place. As the rules have been changed for children where they don’t get beaten up by their school teachers or parents. Why in today’s world such obligations are not made for Team Leaders or Managers? So, they don’t cross the boundaries.

As the world is merging and lots of internal people are migrating either through their work or responsibility, why not think about the boundaries? Different culture, various mindset. We talk about respect among each other. We hope that someone else will be understandable and respectable but don’t think that respect can be formed by maintaining healthy boundaries.

In order to keep yourself distance from any kind of nonsense, we need to create an inner world, a healthy boundary. As we go deep into any sorts of scientific research, be it, MBTI test, Clifton strength research, cultural research or any sort of astrological research. We can cluster people into different grounds and order but the emotions will be the same for everyone.

It is not what you can understand through observation. Rather, trapping a person inside a corporate world where he/she is constantly being observed or monitored through a cold silence which really hampers someone else’s work. Why not create a healthy boundary among the managers and the employees so that the distance and the boundary itself teaches them who is what? It takes a lot of time in order to be a human and creates a sustainable environment to creates an environment for healthy work.

Boundary is always needed, even in a social place, workplace, family life or even with your close ones. It is always advisable to create a life with a meaningful boundary so that nobody else can take from you what you don’t want to. Self-respect and self-care will always be there but the boundary is something that can create life meaningful.

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