Why agricultural industry is the biggest market in Brazil?

One of the major challenges is providing the right vehicle as per customer demand. As the country is enriched with regions that are deserted with long routes, the customer’s pre-requisite for any vehicle is robustness and reliability.

As per the study conducted by Dr. Teutsch, et al., the agricultural business holds the biggest market for transportation in Brazil. The demand of grain, corn and soya is huge whereby importing and exporting of the business provides a massive success in transportation domain which includes combination of large truck-trailers. The loading is done directly from the field and the distance of thousands of kilometres are covered by 25 m length of trucks to reach the sea harbors.

One of the major pioneers in the OCEM market, Mercedes-Benz is addressing this issue by customer surveys and detailed market study and also Brand says everything. In 2016, Brazil was introduced by Mercedes-Benz flagship with an improved fuel efficiency to meet the driver demands in trucks with approved technologies from out of the world.

Also, the improvement of fuel efficiency was based on the combination of its auxiliary components and the new cab exterior being improved aerodynamically. The improvement provided a good sale in 2016 even though Brazil was facing and going through a major economic crisis.

The optimization of the fuel efficiency measures resulted into an automation improvement and handling the gear-shifting times to be reduced. The commonly used technology known as GPS position of the vehicle and predictive cruise control for using map and topography will be launched in the market soon. Other future related improvement is technical optimization for auxiliary devices and their operating strategy.


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