How “Big Data” came into existence?

If we would like to measure the internet, it’s really impossible for our human brains as we operate on a linear time scale. It goes much further than a 60-second time-scale. In 2018, 3.7 million queries were recorded by Google in an internet minute as compared to 2017, it was 3.5 million whereas 18 million text messages were scored in Whatsapp in 2018 as compared to 2017 with 3.5 million text messages. This finally resulted in the term ‘big data’ by Ross in 2010.
Large data sets in a wide range with respect to their size and also complexity is difficult to manage with traditional data management tools. It can be defined as the interaction medium with technologies that are rapidly evolving.
As per Strydom & Buckley, 2018, p.56, big data is a dynamic platform. Laney (2001) referred to big data technologies by 3V’s as Volume, velocity, and variety.

But by 2018, the 3V’s has been expanded to 42V’s by Strydom& Buckley, 2018, pg. 61.

Source:- AI and Big Data’s Potential for Disruptive Innovation by Moses Strydom and Sheryl Buckley.

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