How the Robo car future looks like?

Even though the E-Auto manufacturing car industry looks advance lucrative market, it was not only the established auto industry players but new players from the various markets are expanding their horizons to capture and create a niche zone for itself by targeting the audience with many benefits and offers.

But innovations don’t have any limits or boundaries. Robot car technology, also seen as a rising platform along with a sustainability theme is capturing the future vision of many automobile players.

Apple-iPhone is one of the companies trying to concentrate on robot car technology. Even at CES, it became a clear scenario that how robot cars are taking concrete future shape and form. Qualcomm, a chip company entering into the automated driving and robotics business and the first vehicle, expected to hit the road by 2023. DJI, one of the Chinese drone specialists is stirring the market with laser radars where robot cars can scan the surroundings with significantly cheaper devices.

Source: — Automobile Industrie.

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