Is IoT an important technology in Industry 4.0?

As per a recent study, Industry 4.0 technologies which include the Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, and Big Data Analytics are considered to be the lead for most of the organization. The respondents for the survey were German Managers and CXOs where the former placed the rating more than the latter. The survey was done worldwide.

As per the report, 98 percent from Germany agreed to IoT whereas 72 percent globally. 79 percent from Germany supported Artificial Intelligence whereas 68 percent globally. With respect to Cloud and Big Data Analytics, 86 percent and 77 percent got support from Germany; 64 and 54 Percent globally.

Industry 4.0 is considered to be more than an Intelligent networking and production digitalization through technologies such as Analytics, AI, or the Internet of Things. A transformation process stands for Industry 4.0 which is changing companies across the world of work and society.

In particular, a great deal is achieved: —

  • New technologies and conditions must be adapted.
  • Possible disruption challenges need to be mastered.
  • Even the competitions among the talents with an appropriate skill also is placed as a challenge.
  • Strategies for different scenarios need to be developed that are unforeseen in today’s world.



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