How durable and safe an electric car are?


Electric cars’ drive components are with less maintenance and are less susceptible to repair the comparable vehicles which are working with combustion engines. The long-term experience is reliable and is currently lacking the regards to durability and the performance of electric car batteries. Nevertheless, the storage system from today loses power over time and the range that is covered by one battery charge is reduced. Even then the gasoline and diesel vehicle performance decreased over the years which increased fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

The weak points of batteries have been recognized by the car manufactures and offer extensive guarantees throughout life on their electric car batteries. In case, wear and tear are increased or is damaged, a quick and uncomplicated replacement is offered for free. On a lease basis, more and more manufacturers are offering batteries for their electric cars. The long-term reduction in battery performance became risky and is due to the company and not by the car buyer.


Electric cars are no more and not less dangerous than any conventional cars with petrol or diesel engines from an objective point of view. Whereas in case of an accident event, it became extremely important to check the batteries and on the necessary point of time, get it to discharge as soon as possible. In any case, electric vehicle batteries need to be repaired, salvage, or dispose of by qualified personnel.


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